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Committee and Board Appointments for Riceboro

Appointments are available to the following committees and boards

Petition for City Appointment (PDF)

  1. Keep Liberty Beautiful Appointee is : Council Member Pearlie Axson
  2. Liberty Gateway Design Appointee: Jerry Hargrove
    • Riceboro currently shares an overlay district with both Liberty County and the City of Midway
    • Riceboro is currently in need of two appointments to the Design Review Board,
    • Riceboro must appoint:
      • i. One technical expert (such as an engineer or landscape architect)
      • ii. One citizen representative (who resides within the incorporated city limits of Riceboro)
  3. Georgia Initiative for Community Housing : New or update appointee not named
    • The objective of the Initiative is to help communities create and launch a locally based plan to meet their housing needs.
  4. Liberty/Long Employers Committee appointee: Emmanuel Joyner
    • LLEC was established for the purpose of providing ongoing communication and links between the Ga Department of Labor and employers within the area.
    • The Georgia Employer Committee is dedicated to enhancing the employment related services provided by the Georgia Department of Labor and to facilitate communication and cooperation towards a strong partnership between the Department and the business community of Georgia.
    • The committees provide input and guidance in the development of policy and legislation by the Department of Labor as it impacts Georgia employers and employees.
    • They promote GDOL services among the employment community and identify and recommend ways to meet local and state employment-related needs.