City of Pride

Master Plan

Coastal Georgia enjoys the most undeveloped coastline along the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. The beautiful coast and rich history attract millions of visitors every year. In addition, the coastal region is rapidly growing in rate of development as well. The primary goal of the City of Riceboro’s Master Plan for Future Growth and Development is to prepare the community for the impacts of this certain population growth. In addition, this plan seeks to create continuity within the County while maintaining a unique sense of identity that is true to the City’s history and inherent African-American culture. While this document has been developed for the City of Riceboro, the plan also recognizes the context of Riceboro within Liberty County and coastal Georgia.

This Master Plan seeks to set forth the shared vision of the community and to provide recommendations and action items on how to achieve that vision. This is the first step on a long journey…a journey that will take time, commitment and patience. Implementation of this plan is also a bit different than other initiatives the City may have previously undertaken. Rather than strictly focusing on only one item, the success of this master plan will be enhanced through multiple approaches. Communities have long relied on one “silver bullet” to save the day – a new civic center, shopping mall, or industrial park. However, when looking at community development, the “shotgun” analogy is more appropriate. Hitting multiple, smaller targets really yields greater overall results. Not only does this approach reduce the reliance on one single success, but it is also inherently more flexible as the community learns, grows, and adapts to market conditions and community priorities.

The development of this Master Plan was guided by a Steering Committee as appointed by City Council, with additional input from the community as a whole. A community survey was conducted to supplement community meetings, the results of which can be found in the Appendix. The recommendations developed in this Master Plan were developed within the framework of the identified community vision, goals and objectives. The recommendations also incorporate input obtained from public meetings and working closely with city officials and other stakeholders.

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