City of Pride

Community Development

RiceFest Committee Members include community volunteers from the Riceboro community and the greater Liberty County area. Volunteer backgrounds include current professionals, retirees, veterans, City of Riceboro staff, and festival partner representatives. We are proud of the work that the 2017 RiceFest Committee did to make the event bigger and better than previous years.

RiceFest Staff

Chairperson: Chris Stacy, Riceboro Councilman

Administrative Support: Gabelyn Stevens & Lana Walthour

Contract Coordinator: Debra Attical

RiceFest Volunteers

Decor: Bianca Croft

GospelFest: Councilman Chris Stacy

Homecoming Celebration: Stefan McIver

Pageant: Juanita Lowery

Parade: Shirley Howard

Rice Cook-Off: Joyce Green and Sarah McIver

Sponsorships: Joseph Harris and Debra Attical

Youth Essay Contest: Shirley Howard

Vendors: Joseph Wynn, Stefan McIver, Councilman David Miller